Vanilla skies


The hardest thing about not dating is the longing. There’s no rejection, there’s no resolution, there’s no closure, there’s no cycle-it’s this languid taffy pulling ache that is so palatable it makes you yearn and yearn and yearn. I thought it would be easier. Although, some days go by without incident, I am finding that most days I spend the whole time wondering about what could be in a very all encompassing way that really reminds me of my boy crazed youth. My feelings just build with nowhere to go but up (because I’ve never been one to bury my emotions).

So the task is to really just be okay with what is. And go back to a place of endless potential and levity.

In other news, it has been life changing to have a job built around creativity and the fluidity of technology and experiences. I feel so alive, so engaged in what I’m doing, so encouraged and an overall aura of gratitude. Hope your week is going well.

Here’s to love.


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