the stillness


In the quiet moments I realize the significance of how I love. I think of Jesus on my lunch break. I feel my heart pound and the world fall away as I talk passionately with the cashier as he rings up my groceries. I feel content. I smile excitedly at every ittie bittie I see. I walk in between the stacks at the library and crane my neck to the side to read each spine. I watch the sunset and think about my friends. I finish reading the gospel of John and want to cry. I pray for my future husband.

I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. My spiritual awareness is being sharpened daily. I’m learning to trust my instincts but also revel at reminds of the vast potential of chemistry. I’m approachable. I’m surrounded by people who are genuinely happy for me. I’m welcoming the clarity that distance brings. I converse with levity and the world around me is on fire in the best possible way.


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