I spoke at length with a 17 year old today; we held babies and shared stories. She was amidst her becoming. I tried to tell her what I could without telling her too much. She was wise, mature, scared to let people down, scared to stray. I tried to tell her that despite what she does, God will always love her and that that’s the point. But she was too close, I saw her try to listen to my answer when she stated, “I just worry God will be mad at me.” I was stunned. And for once grateful that I didn’t grow up so close to theology and scripture and right and wrong. And then she danced into another story, and we sat, with the babies, quietly both questioning our own beliefs.

I bought a new book, it’s hitting me hard, you might like it too. “At your core you are a spiritual being of infinite value. To be human is a gift. You are created by God, and you have immeasurable value to him. Jesus once said that the kingdom of God is within us. Yet most of us don’t even bother to explore the possibility that this might be true. It seems that what he is implying is that we have a better chance of finding God in the universe within us than in the one that surrounds us.” (McManus, Erwin Raphael, Soul Cravings)


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