The Sugar Detox continues


I have a vague but wonderful memory of being on a Burbank bound Amtrak train watching two boys sitting across from one another, eating. From the lower level food cart an awkward boy, no older than 10 was the only one talking as he ate an egg biscuit cheese sandwich his father probably paid eight dollars for. “This is really processed,” he said in between bites, his eyes growing bigger with each ingestion of melted American cheese, as the quiet boy just stared and ate on in silence. “Really good,” he swallowed,  and quickly added, “really processed.” His grubby hands gripped the tin foil as though he had discovered gold amidst the feeling of enjoying something so bad for you.

9 Ways That Processed Foods Are Harming People

So, we are about 22 days into the detox.

1/9/2016                                                                              1/16/2016

Chest 42 inches                                                                 Chest 42 inches (same)

Waist 41 inches                                                                 Waist 39 inches (-2 inches)

Hips unknown                                                                   Hips 47

Thigh (average of the two) 28 inches                      thigh 27 inches (-1)

Left upper arm 15 inches                                              left upper arm 15 inches (same)

Right upper arm 16 inches                                            Right upper arm 15 inches (-1)

Weight 217.5                                                                      weight 218 (+1/2 pound)

Motivator: Bought a sexy black romper from Urban Outfitters last week, felt amazing, come on summer.

A few new discoveries, trader joe’s cilantro jalapeño hummus is > mayonnaise.  AND Food For Life makes Genesis Bread which is much better than Ezekiel Bread, maybe because it’s from the beginning.

I’m officially over chocolate, had a handful of trail mix with chocolate and butterscotch chips in it, followed by bad dreams.

Goals for the week-workout twice a week-going to see how running feels, this time last year I was running between 3 and 12 miles a week and had the worst shin splints of my life.

More to follow.

TLDR still stoked, stop poisoning your bodies and minds.


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