The sugar detox-A.K.A. how to feel like a million bucks


So, I’m not sure if you knew this or not but you can change your life in ten days. I decided to stop eating crap: sugar, cookies, candy, smoothies, etc. Having dabbled in vegetarianism for 6 months in college and given up sugar for 2 months this fall, I knew I could do it. I felt excited and ready to get away from instances of eating 7 orange Milano cookies while watching mystic pizza.

Two articles below have served as inspiration

along with the ever hard core and unattainable

I began by measuring myself and taking a baseline weight


I don’t eat: cake, cookies, candy

I don’t drink: alcohol, juice, soda

I also figured if I’m not spending money on crap food, bags of candy, and after work coffee habits, I can afford to spend a little more on healthy food. Spent around $60 at health unlimited. Bought the best red peppers I have ever eaten, 3 bottles of kombucha, (Food for Life’s) Ezekiel 4:9 bread, sugar free jelly, natural peanut butter, and my new favorite thing (Food For Life’s) Ezekiel 4:9 almond sported whole grain cereal.  The cereal was the best 8 bucks I’ve ever spent, it’s composed of living grain, I eat a half a cup with a half cup of fat free milk in the morning, and wham you feel alive.

The benefits have been amazing and it’s only been 10 days. My belly fat is quickly fading. I feel calm, energized, at peace, and by day 3 my jeans were already looser. Many of the benefits have been to my emotional well being, I feel less stirred by small irritants-which I believe is due to the sugar detox, combined with 2 days a week of horseback riding, reading , and practicing these new tricks 

12/26/2015                                                                         1/2/2016

Chest 43 inches                                                                 Chest 42 inches (-1 inch)

Waist 39 ½ inches                                                             Waist 42 inches (+3.5)

Hips 48 inches                                                                    Hips 49 inches (+1)

Thigh (average of the two) 29 inches                      thigh 28 ½ inches (-1/2 inch)

Left upper arm 17 inches                                              left upper arm 15 inches (-2 inches)

Right upper arm 16 inches                                            15 inches (-1 inch)

Weight  222                                                                        weight 217.5 (-4.5 pounds)

Crazy right? Easiest diet ever.

Chump purchase: Artic Zero Fit Frozen Ice Cream (basically tasted like frozen whey protein)

Instead: Trader Joe’s chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert (coconut milk based).

Possible Pitfalls: over-indulged on fruit and legumes, ate out 4 times

Veggies of the week: organic red bell pepper, cucumber, snap peas

Goals for the next ten days: eat out 1-2 times if at all. Do some crunches. Learn to grill egg plant, find a good spaghetti squash. EAT A CRAPTON OF VEGETABLES.


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