For some reason, being on the cusp of twenty-six has been a revival. I am beginning to think of my life in terms of what could be rather than what is. Therefore, in the spirit of goals I have compiled a list of thirty-five things I will do before I turn thirty. I have read you are more likely to accomplish goals if you share them with a network due to accountability, thanks in advance for your support.

In no particular order

  • Build four new friendships
  • Train Kajukenbo at the Palama Settlement in Hawaii
  • Write a letter to God
  • Be more like Buffy
  • Stop talking about writing a book as if it is an unattainable place you will never visit
  • Be at peace with the feeling you get when people ask, “why are you still single?” and, “why don’t you have a boyfriend.”
  • Realize that some questions require no answers
  • Keep trying at work
  • Get better at eavesdropping
  • Get a tattoo
  • Find a small creature to love (be it human, bird, or chihuahua)
  • Study boys, revel in men
  • Post to your blog more frequently
  • Move out of mom and dad’s house
  • Write about subjects you rarely consider
  • Stop eating your feelings
  • Spend time with people who irritate you
  • Get your passport
  • Re-read the books you didn’t have the patience for in high school and college (I know why the caged bird sings, the dharma bums, Beowulf, Things Fall Apart, Sinners in the hands of an angry God, A Clockwork Orange, Antigone, Into the Wild, The Color of Water, The Corrections, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Moll Flanders, Los Angeles Against the Mountains)
  • See another Grace Potter (and the nocturnals) Concert (one a year would be beautiful) (Grand Point North)
  • Travel to Europe with Brittany
  • Take on another state by yourself
  • Find peace with religion (explore)
  • Get your P.I. License
  • Visit the Anne Frank House
  • Write more fiction
  • Re-take an Intro to Photography class (film)
  • Learn how to change your oil
  • Keep buying people books for Christmas
  • If CI ever gets their English Program together, go get your Masters from the people who shaped you
  • Sleep outside once a month
  • Fall in love again
  • Write a memoir
  • create a chapbook of poems
  • Visit Prince Edward Island

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