Red Oak Victories


Four months ago, I could have swore I met my soul mate. He had beautiful eyes and reconstructed teeth. He’d grown up in Maryland, developed an affinity for bees and social change. He owned a home, he had refurbished in a year with his own two hands. A Unitarian Universalist, he had recently dropped out of seminary. He stirred so many feelings within me, beyond the giddy lightness, there was a sense of intrigue that resonated; accompanied by an authentic admiration. His spirit made me want to be better, more ambitious, and always in his presence. He fueled premonitions of loving a wholesome man, a kiss with a baby on the hip before church, sunsets and walking across the lawn of his backyard. A different type of calm washed over me, a reassured hesitancy more for myself than for him.

I learned a very important lesson from the respect I held for this man. You see, I had never been hooked in such a unique way; the nuanced, palatable wonder. As I continue to walk the universe, I will be on high alert for this feeling, this sense of longing. And the knowledge that good men, admirable men, are really real despite how fleeting they may be.


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