Some of the best conversations I have had with my co-workers have been about topics we are not supposed to talk about at work, during work. My favorite moments in the gathering that I do is in the gnawing realness you stumble into with people when you least expect it.

I first met the boy named after the first man in April of 2014. We had a rocky, adolescent start; a crash course in communication and hard headedness. I have come to realize, that the thing about him was, that he was so transparent that I did not know if I could trust him.

As we become more comfortable with people, we reveal more of our selves, be it after five hours or five months. After a while, we developed a shared give and take, a twenty minute space, a think tank.

You see, he became the first man I have ever known to honestly admit to me that he is still figuring out what love is; how heartbreak feels, the ache of loneliness, the frustrations of dating and for that he’s my best work friend. Over the course of a year, in bits and pieces I have learned the rivers and fibers of who he is; what lurks beneath and how to trust my navigation of it. For that I will be forever grateful.


One thought on “NSFW

  1. I have always valued transparency in people. For me, its always been harder to find other ways of saying how I feel or determining what parts to leave out. I would just rather say the truth, even if it freaks you out lol


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