Love Transcends


About a month ago, I was sitting at my favorite place Café 4, feeling so small. Again, I was anxious, criticizing myself for still feeling love towards another person; my old best friend, the man I never thought I would be without. When your days are long and either full of work of rich with stillness, you roll over your thoughts and sift through your feelings. In a year, I learned anguish and peace, anger and longing, release and self-acceptance; all of these beautiful realizations came to me after this love. From a chair that wrapped around me, I finally admitted to myself that it is okay to still be in love. I also realized that I was destined to love him this much; you are meant to learn who you are when you are in love, how you give, how you feel; what love looks like on you. Everyone deserves to feel life changing love, how it can move; the power it has the peace and happiness it holds. I finally realized that this residual love will always be present in bits and pieces for a reason; to be harnessed. Upon this realization, I decided to allow this love to fill other parts of my life. Suddenly, I was weightless; within days I was at peace, still. The minute I forgave myself and looked at the larger perspective of it all, there was no rush to heal; instead there was time and an opportunity to share with everyone this unique type of love that I once gave him.


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