Solstice Stories-introducing a baby blog


  1. What inspired you to start your blog?

Answer: boredom begets blog, love begets love, life begets life. I have been picking through my thoughts lately, feeling inspired by content on websites I read, people I encounter. Although, creatively encouraged I have been feeling too self aware in my writing; I have felt a pressure to perform or write something worth publishing looming over my work. How do I remove that? I thought. Embrace that? I decided I would start a big girl blog where I would post stories I feel are worth reading, stories I didn’t want to languish over with series upon series of revisions. So here they are, first or second draft pieces teetering between stream of consciousness comfort and finished polish standing tall with a byline.

  1. Describe the intended focus of your site and what your readers can expect

Answer: How do you make every day feel longer? Feel as drawn out as a summer day? As picked apart as a memory? Write. Reflect. That’s what I am doing here, sharing bits of my life with you. You can expect a variety of content here, conveyed in long essay form or shorter “flash” posts. I enjoy writing creative non-fiction, I hope it fills you with a sense of interest as you read.

  1. Introduce yourself: what do you do?

Answer: What I do is fairly confidential in nature; I speak with people for hours. They are often at their most vulnerable and overwhelmed. The challenges I face are incomparable and unpredictable, much like people. I love my job for it has shown me how to love people, how to practice tolerance and flexibility. I have been able to fall head first over a cliff into what I do and just float, swimming when I need to.

  1. What are your interests?

Libraries. Babies. Relationships. Walking. dead white authors. Coffee. Yoga. the opposite of wanderlust. Sunsets. clocks. disabilities. the desire to watch the same movies over and over again. jobs. work/life balance. Simplicity., books. Wind turbines. Communication. Identification. martial arts. Isolation. Sports. Small towns. baby talk. non-profits. ear worms. why there wasn’t a movie on girlhood. stellar first novels. Theology. Traditions. group-think. burning man. Entrepreneurship. Starring. bragging rights. Foresight.

  1. Tell readers what your blog title means and why you chose it.

Answer: Titles have always been difficult for me. I’m better at sentences, speaking in public, and maintaining eye contact. However, when I think of why I write, I think there is a universal desire to remember, to draw out, and make concrete. Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, winter solstice the shortest; I have had moments in my life that feel like the longest day of the year, struggles that feel shortened. It was not until I really limited the distractions in my life that I realized memories can come and go depending on your focus. People change so much from day to day, I want to remember the moments that have shaped me, touched my soul, be they the farthest point north of the equator or otherwise.


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